Vinnytsia Regional Association of Local Self-Government Bodies

Center for Promotion and External Relations

Center for Promotion and External Relations

The aim of the Center is to provide a positive image of the Association through the spreading of actual and necessary information among interested people and promoting of interregional and international cooperation of the Association for the fulfillment of its statutory tasks.

To achieve this aim the Center solves the following objectives:


– Implementation of promotional activities through the media and social networks concerning the program objectives and activities of the Association for the development in Vinnytsia region economically capable communities as a priority task and effective methods of its implementation;


– Promotion and providing activities, which fall within the competence of the Association, such as: workshops, trainings, teachings, conferences, round tables, presentations and other activities concerning the internal and external promotion of its members;


– Providing of practical assistance to members of the Association in organizing promotional activities for initiatives of local communities, which deserve appropriate legal or economic support at regional, national and international level;


– Working out and promotion of consolidated approach of relations betweenthe members of the Association and foreign and domestic partners, international organizations, foreign business and humanitarian cooperation;


– Representing the interests of the Association in relations with foreign regional and municipal media and other organizations on behalf of the head of the Secretariat;


– Assistance in organizing and establishing cooperation with regions-partners, other regional and territorial units in Ukraine and abroad.


The Head of the Center

Oliinyk Olha


Chief specialist of the Center

Sovoliuk Alina


Press-secretary of the Center

Chugunkina Viktoriia

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